All Weather Luxury Swiss Cottage Tents

These swiss cottage tents specially designed for high end luxury resorts. These tents are able to stand in any extreme weather conditions like, heavy snow & rains without any rope support. These are permanent tents. These tents designing & fabrication is totally different from any other regular swiss cottage tents. These tents having all four side verandah area. This verandah protect from rains. These tents stand on completely frame structure with help of g.i. wires. These tents can ressist in highwind also. These tents fabrics are quite capable to stand against the heavy rains & snow. We provide complete bottom frame to mekes the tents completely safe from any reptiles like snakes.

Sr. No.Complete SizeRoom SizeVerandah Size
110FT X 14FT10FT X 10FT10FT X 4FT
212FT X 16FT12FT X 12FT12FT X 4FT
312FT X 18FT12FT X 14FT14FT X 4FT
414FT X 18FT14FT X 14FT14FT X 4FT
414FT X 20FT14FT X 18FT14FT X 4FT

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